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bored fffff

Post  kikame* on Wed Aug 29, 2012 11:14 pm


a boy floats in space slowly he screams out for help he sees images of his friend and family each time he longs for them the memories seem to fade until at some point lose color he screams and yelll punches and kicks but there is nothing there just darkness and the never ending space the cooled cruel space.his skin is pale and cooled his heart is done with just thumping he yells until he looses his voice a single tear roles down his eyes and floats off even that doesnt stay with him it floats off and once again he is alone as everybody moves on he mumbles to himself what did i do where am.... the words almost un audible his voice rusty from his screams and pleadings for help that never comes.... he says one last time as his heart slowly thumps less and leess "WHAT AM I AM I WORTH ANYTHING am u the mistake that should have never been made!!" he reaches out to the starts smiling at the light they twinkle he floats down and down drowning under the darkness until there is no trace of the boy just his frozen tears floating in space and his screams that echo in space that wiill never be answer the only good thing of this that the tears have stopped the pain has stopped and best of all his life has stopped.....

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