The CyberPunk Devil

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The CyberPunk Devil

Post  Unknown.You on Tue May 19, 2015 9:44 pm

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The main server in which its database was connected to was at perfect strength. CP loaded all of its weapons to the boot. To go back in time and kill the demon known as Sylex, its mission was clear. Looking back at all of its resources, there was absolutely no way for it to lose.

It was ready.

Crisp air, a gentle breeze. Not that it mattered to the CyberPunk Devil. Its entire body was steel, wrapped in a special alloy that made it more malleable but all the more impenetrable. Under its sun dried cowboy hat, the Devil had a single red eye that could lock on to any heat signature at any distance. To add on to its unusual look, it sported a sleek leather jacket over a vest, which in turn was over another jacket. (It was stupid and convoluted, yes, but its creator insisted on the look.) To match black jeans and military boots, which in actuality didn't really match at all...

The Devil took out its twin hand cannons and began to head out...

I Love This World so Much I could Just.....:
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